We are a congregation in the beautiful Sulphur Springs community of Washington County, Tennessee. We are a congregation with a unique history and an exciting future. We are Methodists, but most importantly, we are disciples of Jesus Christ. We are people just like you. 

We take seriously our Mission & Vision statement which is to connect and serve those in our community. Sulphur Springs Methodist is a gathering of ordinary people who are growing together as followers of Jesus and strive to live out our Christian life by becoming more like Him. It is our hope to see the love of God and His gospel change your life and then poured out to others as you grow closer to Him.  

Our Vision

Sulphur Springs Methodist Church seeks to inspire living relationships with Jesus Christ through generous acts of Christian love and practical opportunities for authentic Christian living.

Our Mission

Sulphur Springs Methodist Church seeks to connect people to God, to reach out in our community, and to serve those in need.